Love Laughs

Written by: Richard D Seal

       Love Laughs

Love laughs at each and all
As with the heart it plays
Entreating you to fall
In subtle succinct ways

The whisper in the ear
That little nothingness
Sly messages unclear
Invade the subconscious

It uses every ruse
In its little book
Leaves you  vital clues
Entices you to look

You like what you are seeing
The way it makes you feel
It brings you into being
Even if unreal

You see the sideways glance
You catch the sultry stare
As purposeful as chance
Love laughs and begs you dare

A word seems out of place
Instinctively you trust
You know you should not chase
But then you know you must        

You think you’ve seen it all
You think you’re to mature
Yet still it does enthral
You can’t resist the lure

Once you’re on the hook
You bow to each demand
Love laughs at its good luck
Has you, at its command

And there is no escape
Even for the strong
For it, encapsulates
All… for which you long.