on a bender

Written by: jan oskar hansen

On a Bender. 

New Orleans, dawn, woke up on the floor of a hotel room, 
don’t know why I didn’t sleep in the bed. A shower, vapid 
water ran slowly down my body like worms they crawled 
around and refused to leave. In a bar where men sat in 
silence watching TV with sound turned off. A double whisky 
and the worms disappeared. Thought I can’t sit here and 
drink like an alcoholic, I had a bag of bacon flavoured crisps, 
and to show I was a man of taste I asked for Dutch beer. 
Time runs fast, when you are drunk, suddenly eight too late 
for the plane home that left at nine o’clock. One more beer 
and I will be ok. Got another plane, without my luggage, as 
I could not remember the hotel where I had slept on the floor.