Written by: pat roswell

all of the things i've seen 
when the lights go out
and i dream of you

strangest flame of desire
that has made me a fighter for you

Cupids playin her wicked game of love
I've been known to sit back an judge as well as you
as foolish people do
how stupid it would be 
to turn and look away from you
when your the only one
who's saved me 
from me

I've never felt this way
what a crazy thing people say

your more then just what meets the eye
try and think of ways to describe how i feel
my mind gets paralyzed 
with a million memorys of our lovely history
these foot prints we put in the dirt 
as we jump through yet another hurdle
watch it as it establish's a beautiful blue print 
on what we could make

what a crazy thing shes done
made me fall in love
and i cant get enough
no i cant get enough
of what she does to me