Written by: teddy aswani

Deep in solitude
I hope to reduce the magnitude
Pain in my heart makes it protrude
Of my so called dove
That made an intrude
I fell n love-
Am sure it was a ditch
Now I am in need of a severe stitch
After this unpolite breach.
I was torn apart
With the hope to convert
Eye saw she was the one 
But now she has won
In causing me torment
No option but to lament
She moved on so quick
I must be so dumb and thick
Not to read between the lines
Or see the changes in trend
I always tried to ammend
But everytime, the rules I bend.
Deep in my soul
I feel in need of an overhaul.
To me I thought you'd stay
But now you leave me to stray.
I think about how you think
Clearly so shallow
After the things I swallow
From your verbal vommit
Yet to my heart I permit
Anger, avoids to emmit
But she claims I am wrong
Yet daily I sing our song
And hope the pain will not prolong.
Juggled my emotions 
I am strangled in my devotion.
I hope karma
Will come- ah!
And my tears
Will turn to spears