Is My Cat Insane

Written by: colleen laforme

I don't know why it happened 
It totally boggles my brain 
I think my cat is loosing it i think shes going insane
I herd her meowing outside my back door
When i opened it she dropped a mouse on  the deck floor
Why would i be boggled well to my surprise 
This mouse wasn't dead it was very much alive 
She looked at me like to say i brought this for you 
Than she sauntered in to the house like she didn't know what to do
She laid out on the kitchen table like she was queen
Me still rubbing my head this is the strangest thing I've seen
I know she has shown sometimes she is not always smart 
But never brought me a mouse that hasn't been ripped apart 
I looked out my back door  and that little mouse was gone 
I looked at my cat and said now what the heck is wrong
Oh boy maybe killing that mouse would break my cats heart 
Maybe when i wasn't looking my cat made a fresh start
Or maybe in that moment she felt she cared 
Letting that little mouse go his life she spared 
But really i cant imagine that 
This is the same cat that brought me the rat 
So here i sit with a boggled brain 
wondering is my cat truly insane