loud silence spoken word

Written by: Kizito Sidegu

just in case you did'nt know,probably because you are an alien in your very world
you owe your altitude to millions down here,who endured the chilly winter to sky-rocket  you to the blue skies
an inflated balloon remains a balloon,watch out for that thorn before it gives you a memo of your cradle
I here you have a meal consisting of three half times,if foot ball has two of such I guess its  enough to feed the whole of Kibera
did you buy any chance reflect on the show-cased  suicidal mission,thousands of your kind on a gold rush for oil,an upside- down oil tanker proved a blessing in disguise
"we just don't get it  do we" I heard you rattle in a press briefing,if only you knew what it  took for a mother to live behind a kid or two and join in a rush left only to the brave
did it by any case heat you,when the media highlighted the skeletons from the north,the priceless merchandise soon to land at an extinct species museum?you thanked the treasury for such a thrilling display of an entertainment allowance,added the tale to your collection of mermaids,fairies and abracadabra
spare us some "unga" your majesty,we need the fuel to keep your city counsil tax dictators at bay,at least allow us the liberty to endulge in ugali  
soccer and mandondo at mama mboga's the wana nchi Hilton
another price increment on the liquor you term as legal,we'd rather risk dropping our eye balls at the taste of the blind flavored "machozi ya zion"
which is golden,milk or oil?,the only contradiction is the theory of pigment diversification for even cows have become gold mines for the white oil
hail to our athletes ,how many medals in their name?they shade tears at the raise of our colors if only we knew the essence of such emotions
the "Rome statute"is it a ploy to entangle African states?then why on earth are most injustices tracing their origin at  the art piece of our "great"leaders?
we are proud to be Kenyans because our ancestor's did so in spirit,in blood and in their hearts.  

    " if the law makers become dream makers,it takes a powerful wave,an amplified tune,and a Mystic voice to bring light to a dark beam,and whats greater and spirited than a pen and  a paper"
    special dedication to my country,my mother,my hope,my dream,my land....Kenya