The Enmity

Written by: twanna Irisha

The Enmity
Seeking justice is the only way you knew how to protect us.
As a juvenile delinquent I was too young to recognize it.
I am always trying to justify it,
 Knowing the whole time you had a hold on me that only I could see.
As you continue to play tricks on me, 
I was a novice but with your help no one ever noticed.
Discourage by the public, I became irrelevant.
You showed me things that were not true,
You told me that everyone was wrong but you.
They were not the enmity the enmity was you, your lies eventually grew.
Conspiracy theories I let you convince me.
I was weak, and you got the best of me.
Making me believe everyone was out to get me, 
And no one could ever love me.
You said he was a cheater, and were cheating on me brought out my insecurities.
Insanity you drove me, anxiety confines me.
Vindictive was all I consisted of.
Taking my past out on everyone that crossed my path.
You controlled my laughter, you told me when I could laugh.
You held my happiness captive in a glass capsule.
Like carbon dioxide you traveled in me throughout my lifetime.
Highly poisonous colorless, and odorless you were my organic carbon.
I am panic stricken and the plot only thickens.
You are my enmity the brain that was giving to me.
My very own paparazzi my mind taking snap shots of me.
I am my worst enemy, the enmity has always been me.
As of right now you control the words that are coming out of me.
You want me to see what you see.
I see the good, the bad, and the ugly that you made me.
My mind has always been in control of me.
Telepathy of my enmity, cofounder of simply me