Little Bird

Written by: argho chakraborty

The Little Bird..

The little bird flew so high in the sky,
The world looked from below, 
All were amazed and with just one thounght "Oh my oh my"..
The sun so bright and shed blessing on the bird..
But even with all the happiness, the bird was still incomplete..
With his family flying even higher,
He still felt small..!!
He wanted to fly even higher like no one ever did before..!!
But down below he saw his friends in pain..
He flew down everytime to feed them with grains..!!And he flew up and down till his wings started to bleed..
And as the Sun went to sleep his friends grew stronger..!
They flew up in the sky towards safety of the light..Away from the darkness that came with night..
The little bird saw them fly with his eyes opened wide..!!
Never has he been so happy as he was tonight..!!
Now the little bird was relieved and tried to fly..!!
But now his small wounded wings were too weak . !
No matter how hard he tried he could not fly..
His family shouted and his friends cried . !
But no one came down to help as the wolves arrived..!!
As darkness covered the sky, 
The wolves took their first bite..!!
And the struggle ended with a single cry,
For the little bird, who once flew so high in the sky..