We meet again

Written by: Leonard Taormina

                                      We meet again
I’ve known you for so long and I know now;
 It’s always been you.
The time comes not yet but still my road narrows and;
The winds of time blow at my back pushing me along.
Unfortunately the calendar only changes so many times in one lifetime;
 And I regret having wasted so much of my life before we met.
Maybe I could have done more if I hadn’t but;
I believe someday we’ll come up on each other once again.
It’s said that love never dies and I’ve loved you always so;
Hopefully whatever parts you’ve kept of me will bring you comfort;
And give you the satisfaction of knowing I’ll never be completely gone from you.
So until that time I’ll be singing your praises in the cabarets of the great beyond 
And reciting the feelings of my heart;
While keeping the job at hand of standing watch;
Until one day I might be;
The first one to say to you;
Hello my love we meet again.