Another Chicken Story

Written by: Karen Anglesey

A determined chicken collector and her obliging spouse
Reside in a small town, inside a quaint sort-of HEN house
High upon a mountain top covered with melting snow
Displays of ceramic chickens, last count was ninety or so

A colorful brood of biddies, bantam silks and pompous hens
Perched on sills and everywhere between the Rhode Island Reds
The black cast-iron weather vane sits on the roof outside
The rooster that is welded on, quite a windy ride

A hoard arranged on counters, gently placed in rows
Silent as they cluck and strut in every kind of chicken pose
All styles and breeds imaginable from ceiling to the floor
Each room parades a show of cock-a-doodles galore

I’m not taking any chances when I wander through this coop
When chickens start cluckin’, ceramic feathers I’ll be pluckin’
While I’m cooking chicken soup 

*Dedicated to my sister who collects ceramic chickens