The Sun's Magnetic Field About To Reverse

Written by: Elton Camp

The Sun’s Magnetic Field About To Reverse

By Elton Camp

The time for the polarity reverse draws near
Is this event one that should bring us fear?

This is not to occur in some far distant day
Rather, it appears to be only months away

Through the entire solar system, it’ll extend
Does this mean life on Earth will soon end?

The magnetic field extends far into space
So this is the event we will soon have to face

Around the planets, a “bubble” does appear
Will this change prove to be one severe?

Have these words created a degree of alarm
That life on Earth will come to suffer harm?

As horrifying as this description may sound,
No cause for concern have scientists found

There is no valid cause for panic or fears
Because this occurs every eleven years

So everyday life should move right along
And we won’t be aware of anything wrong