A tossed Stone

Written by: ralph burkhardt

does anything ever have a true end,
             is there anyone who ever truely forgets,
                               is the past ever truely buried,
                                               and put to rest;
the words that a man speaks today,
              lives on in his thoughts tomorrow,
                                as well as in the memories of others,
                                                   often, even after his death;
the shot that is fired,
                or, the blow that is struck,
                                 or, the words that are spoken in haste------;
these are like stones,
                  which are tossed into a pond,
                                  and,they begin to create ripples,
                                                      and,these ripples keep widening;
yes,these ripples keep widening,
                    widening ever outward;
until they touch the lives of others,
                      often people who are far removed from ourselves.