Voice of the Third

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

I feel you calling me,
When will I reply?
I feel you calling me,
When shall I reply?

I feel it deep inside,
You stretch out Your hand,
Urging me to put aside my pride,
And embrace the light you've sent.

I feel you in my heart,
I know what my heart wants,
But it seems so very hard,
To fight off the devil's chants.

Oh! Stop your incitation, O' Devils!
Oh! Stop your whining, O' Temptations!
Oh! Why don't you just let me through
And let me answer the Lord of Creation?

Deep inside I simply feel it,
The burning light of hope,
In my heart it dimly lit,
Telling me I could cope.

Deep inside I feel You calling me,
Urging me to respond to You,
Each time I tried to ignore Thee,
Chaos is all that is due.

You have sent guidance,
But the choice is my own,
My temptation are hindrance,
Fight it! That I have known!

I feel You knocking on my door,
Piercing through my heart's core,
Ignorant I am as like before,
But persistent is the feeling evermore.