End contest

Written by: Sabina Nicole

A trumpet sounds, no one’s prepared
Even the pope seems surprisingly scared
The sky turns to ash, the sun slowly fades
The lives we’ve known, have made us all slaves
Not one dollar matters, not anymore
That’s what the implanted chips are now for
The world wonders how it all came to this
Mournfully wishing they hadn’t missed
Smoke arises from the west
Aware we failed this precious life’s test
Shackles hold us all in line
As we’re violently beat, one person at a time
Delusions set in, there isn’t mercy any more
The next seven years of agony we all must endure
We sing hymns from centuries past
Praying the torment will not last
Yet, we can’t seem to keep our minds sane
Realizing it was all a sadistic game
We try to call on the police
 Then realize they’re with the uncompromising beast
And we gasp and we bleed
Wishing someone would lead
But we’re alone on the ground
And we’re never going to be found
For life as we’ve known it quickly subsides
Everything we needed they now override.

BY: Sabina Nicole