Written by: Marcia Walton

With eyes wide shut we walk
In our blindness of thoughts and prejudices
Towards the cliff. We follow the sounds
Never hearing a word...a note
To the makings of the song
Dancing to the music not hearing it's melody
We sing in our muteness songs we neither see nor hear

We walk crippled towards the faceless words
Drinking without taste the nectar that must never be swallowed.
"Sweet" We say when we cannot taste
But finish it's juices in a single gulp
Not quenching the thirst we know not that we have
Belching the stench of its odor that we cannot smell

In knowledge we know nothing of what we have seen
While walking in blindness with our eyes wide shut

We listen with deafness to the drones of time
Never singling out a line.
We feel in the darkness for the light switch that we have always had
In the contours of our minds
We look around seeing nothing in a room full of everything.
Blank spaces on the walls of pictures vibrant in truth
Still we with only see them with our eyes wide shut.


Beside the Yellow Brick Road
In the forest
Lies the deeper path of truth.