What Does Jesus Do

Written by: Ruth Phipps

HE forgives my sin and makes me whole,
He cleanses my heart and my soul.
He heals my pain and sickness too,
He loves me and He loves you.

He picks me up when I fall.
He hears me when I call.
With Him I can stand 
He reaches out and holds my hand.

He watches over us day and night,
He guides us with His light.
He leads us down the path that's right 
For us He does fight.

He gives us what we need each day,
He listens when we pray.
He is my Saviour and my Friend
With Him eternity I will spend

Before the Father He does intercede
On His word we do feed.
He is my Deliverer and my shield,
Everything to Him I do yield.

copy right 2013