Written by: YADHU BABU

In the clear water of a summer stream
Your face shone out bright and clear
I wrote in the leaves and flowers
About you who is like the soft sunlight
Like a cloud in my horizon
Like a rythm in my soul
You stood like the bright flame of the mud lamp which burns in my heart

Come swimming through the gentle breeze like a cloud and sprinkle your shower on me always
You are my favourite dream who is like the peacock when it spreads out it feathers during the rain
Memories are standing on my way like the trees on the wayside
Girl who wears anklets and who is as beautiful as the moon
I am the avenue trees which decorate your foot path

Waves stretch out to the green banks
For many births my heart has been searching for
In a heaven which is covered by sun rays
In a cage which is wrapped with leaves
I am being awakened from my meditation because of a butterfly(you)