Drawn By Your Scent

Written by: Sara Kendrick

Holding you so close is delightful
Your scent draws me in
                               Leads me to desire you more
                                                 Just to place my soft lips 'pon you 
Dreaming of the delicate thrill
                                      When my lips meet the flavor that I desire
Longing for the time when we can meet in secret
                                                          Soon, oh, very soon this will happen
Just a few more minutes 
                             Then I can slip away to join you in sweet rapsody
                Holding onto the dream of your sweetness
                                                        Coveting any time with you
As I walk to our rendezvous
               Our love hideaway anticipation builds until 
I unwrap your swirling red  luscious, tantalizing Lily Blossom
                     Your aroma surrounds me...

Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
Contest: Softly Sensual