Two Murders - Part III Finis

Written by: William Masonis


Death, the Master, wears a thousand faces.
The white smile of the skull
Lies behind the 5 O'Clock shadow
And beneath, perhaps, those laughing eyes
Looking your way across the bar.

When the shock begins to fade I turn off the news.
I turn once more to the business of living.
To ponder overmuch over why such things happen
Is to invite the spirit to drain itself down to hollowness.

Before we cast off at night
Onto the uncertain seas and shores of dreamlands,
We might do well to take a long look down within,
Call up and kiss the swarming demons goodnight
While they stir in the strange shadowgaps of the long dark
Resting there on the fringes of consciousness.

Give ear to the language they speak down there,
Learn dark things from the rumble of their mystic, thunderous litanies.

Call for an uneasy peace with the Legions within,
Hold them back, if you can, with our talismans,
The magic words: Reason, Judgement, Morality.

Tumble then into a warm bed
Forget the Furies roaming just outside
Awaiting dead hours to do their work.

The deeds of the nighte 
Will be revealed
When the mist wraiths steal away,
When the sun bleeds rose light
Across the white face of dawn.