Look back

Written by: Matea Mihaljevic

Long, tiresome...
How sad of a look on such a beautiful face.
I feel warmth, desire,..a rebellion is rising
Confused by the repeatable noise of a past so dark and gloomy.

I should not look back, I will not. 

But the passion and love are irresistible
So I wonder...
One and two and three;
Memories just passing through

I should not look back I will not

But it calls and stares,
 it takes my every breath 
And I fight...I do...but....
How do you fight yourself
Do I look to Him and know it will be alright,
Or do I just trust?

But the smell, oh it's intoxicating ...
And they return, 
 one after another the memories rush back ...
and I'm powerless

I should not go back, but I look...
What will happen now?