Dear Loving Faith

Written by: rodrick de-Bathe

Dear loving Faith

I’ve lost you years ago
But today behind these prison bars
You bring hope to this meaningless life
And made me understand what my 
purpose is
Faith you have brought me acceptance
This made me realize my mistakes
In my solo state in this prison cell
I have found it hard to get you out of my 
Faith you have comforted me when nobody 
And showed me vital family roles
No matter how much I have denied you
And all the trouble I have caused
I still see your presence smiling down at me
At a time in my life when I was out of 
Faith you took me on another journey
Which today, I am proud to show the 
knowledge acquired
And I stand proud to say that I have faith
Although it has taken the worst to realize 
your importance
From an addict to a convict
Faith you stood constant and made me feel 
trustworthy again
Faith you have brought a want to change 
and do good in me
I now stand with the surety that I have 
faith in life
And how you remind me of a miraculous 
At once she became the mother I wished to 
And gave me the sisters I never had
And through all differences she remembers 
me in jail
Faith you have made me who I am now
A better man who is seeking to find faith in 
And coming to think of it this woman’s 
name is Faith
And may God bless this humble woman 
and give her faith in me.

Rodrick aka Alimant’e Mohroma
Bergville prison
28th Sep 2008