Written by: Laura Mckenzie

I am caught by his smile, in a rush of depth 
Fluttering hearts beat with magic and rhyme
I am to be yours now in the moment so spellbinding
Caressing lips and soft slow fingertips 

Locked in a link of our souls flavorfully dancing
Side by side rendering a cord of passionate secrets 
Shared by lovers shared by truthful elegance 
Spinning shiny spirals of fervent tapestry

We come together once again drenched and enthralled
No two times ever alike yet so familiarly flaunting
Concealed in a tomb of us, sensationally breathing desire
God’s gift between two people something so powerful and majestic 

Engrossed in an amorous fleet of pleasure
Seemingly dazed and mellow ,smoking with a gaze  

Written by Laura L. McKenzie 
(Softly sensual contest)