A Bit Fractured

Written by: Karen Anglesey

Upon attending “Her Requiem”, I felt a bit fractured and nearly insane
When a fantasy of golden haze, wearing a shiny “Halo of Grace”
Suggested it would be wise to take a “Journey to Spirit Mountain”
And maybe chase some butterflies in a “Transformed” state

Off I went, “Riding My Whims” into a glaring "Red Sun" morning
To my chagrin, “The Goddess of War” struts in with utterly no warning
Singing,-Girl you’re looking quite undone, it’s clear you're having no fun 
Those fractures in the brain are going to require some “Change”-

The goddess continued her speech; but to her surprise I rolled my eyes while
She sang, -We’ve been invited to imbibe with “The Castaway and the Scribe”-
Well, the party was wild, folks drank all night, we all did the “Jive in a Beehive”
I downed the “Zin”, as the “Lust” crept in to my shapely “Scarlett” dress, 
At the end of night I was seen hitching a ride to “Burn” my “Nemesis”

"It's All In The Titles" Contest by Adam Hapworth  08/19/2013