The other


Her love may cause strife

At times she remains as faithful as a pious wife

Without her you will find no spice in life

Yet she is famous to be a double edged knife

A mother she is

The care-giver and a fountain of bliss

Religions praise her declaring that paradise lies under her feet

To protect her progeny always ready to fight and defeat

Her beauty has empowered creativity

A poet's imagination becomes fertile with her entity

Sad though she had to fight for ages for equality

Some religions entitle her as being the doorway to prosperity

Wearing her veil she hides her sorrow

Her being is considered by some male-chauvinists as hollow

She was as if created to act as a shadow

Her stories prick and hurt like a poisonous arrow

Condemned to her duty she has accepted imprisonment

A daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother lie in that assortment

Consider her not to be the other

She is your partner...