Written by: twanna Irisha

I am a master of the Arts University of Only One.
If you having problems my words can solve them.
My voice can direct others, better yet they call me a prima donna.
My words turn into a masterpiece, watch my ability as my words flow out of me.
As my ink in my pen turns into a instrument,
Switching my pen into a matchstick.
I have a substance inside of me,
A massacre of rivalry.
As my words hit my notebook, they appear to catch fire like a folded matchbook.
Leaving my page in a blaze, words flickering like a flame.
Chain reactions resulting in the following process.
Giving birth to a new verse,
My words multiply as my voice amplified.
Thinking like a matinee lyricist morning and afternoon performances.
Expressing with great enthusiasm with divided emotions,
Something like a church service.
My words preach mathematical matrimony.
As my words appear on paper like an unsolved fraction,
The lines divide my emotions at times.
Instead of numbers and symbols I use punctuation as a division. 
Equals my equations a difference of an opinion,
Diversity of my personality.
Math is what these words are to me.
Words that can add value to your life,
Or you can subtract my advice.
Either way it goes I am going to leave a decimal at the end of this poem.

My words speak volumes
Artistic and creative
Talented in writing
Historical harmony writing a masterpiece.