what I've come to find

Written by: Naldeem Bout

I was guilty as could be,
in action and admission,
in conscience and decision,
but mercy came and pardoned me.

I was ignorant and proud
loyal to my own self
Serving my own wealth
Still wisdom freed this mind once bound.

I was helpless and discarded,
reputed and rejected forgotten 
and abondoned.
but by love, highly regarded.

I was sealed into my fate
my only end destruction,
of hope I had no option
till grace had taught me faith.

I was nothing till I found
my purpose and its maker,
my source, giver and taker,
the Lord forever crowned

Now I serve Him ever grateful
that my breath was not forsaken;
when my existence was hateful
He knew I was not mistaken

For He cut and shaped and formed me
till the day I come to know
that its only God whose worthy
for the light that in me shows