Love--Not One Penny

Written by: Robert Ball

“Love” a very hard word to explain.
Oh yes’ you get many versions only the allure still remain.
Now take “us” all personally, to what is your answer?
Everyone has his or hers ways of believing, life, reasons, thought that bring about a moral cancer.

Just the thought if you can, you must love Jesus first, love yourself, this is just,
Then it’s possible to love someone else our true thought of love should be how Jesus loves us.
To offer a part of His coming Kingdom at a cost no price to be among His family with His Son Jesus,
A loving Eternal Kingdom with no death, wars, illnesses, no longer having to deal with any more crises.

Our Price? Not one penny given to “Us” out of love as we faithfully follows God’s edicts and laws
Pretty simple cost, to not kill one another, to love all each other as equals, and fear the Father and look at Him in awe.
Carnal man today, as it was two thousand years ago hasn’t adhered to the Father; He’s transgressed and totally ignores the “Word”.
God knowing all gives us the Holy Bible, it is for ”Us” to learn, that through love Jesus resurrected He is the “Word”. 

“Love” explains it and anyway you like it’s really a beautiful thing.
It gives hope a fuzzy feeling, a smooth twinge; it surrounds the heart with the feeling it brings.
Asking Jesus talking to the Father will bring you great joy, in your earthly life.
The “Love” He has for “Us” making “Us” in His image, sending friends and family along with you in life’s way and the other true is blessing a loving caring wife.