Written by: Therese Bacha

I am dormant on the ground
 In a dark alley not to be found.
A board opposite me writ in red, 
Lifeless I am, please no tip,
money I have, but my soul
deserted me, thats why I am here.
When a passer by stared at me heartless,
how lucky you are old lady, the courage 
you have, to just sit daily on that floor,
With blankness in your eyes, deafness 
in your ears, motionless you are,
mindless so far, faceless, even tearless, 
not one tear to shed over your soulless 
to cure it's pain.

Old lady...
Your emptiness and soundless will leave
 you homeless.
Why today you specifically want to remain 
Your nakedness is seen, your spirit turned 
against you dissolved into the running 

Tell me please, look at me?
Why are you here not there?
Why do you stare, its not fair?
Answer me, how long have you
Made this space your home? 
Aren't you the one living
In that elderly home?.

Everybody is searching for you 
they need to find you harmless.
What shall I tell them?
 Your going away never 
to comeback and stay?

Say it, she just shook her head.
Please sing a song while walking back
 to where you belong.
I am the passer by remain strong  
hold my hand, your lover wants 
you back, he still is sustained
on his hospital bed.
He loves you, begs you to comeback
to see you one more time, before
wishing you a goodbye.

She remained homeless,
as nothing will ever
 feel the same.

Therese Bacha
7 August 2013