Written by: todd borstad

I once saw a man chain himself to a tree
And said he wouldn’t leave until the tree 
Recognized who he was 

The tree didn’t want him there
Because he didn’t like him
And knew they could never be friends

He was hurt and took
His chain home
And was alone again

He believed his words
 Had purpose
And he felt alive

But it meant nothing
Because the tree didn’t like him
And he became desperate

The tree didn’t care
About the matters of death
And the pursuit of life 

The tree felt alive
Because he was alive
And had no meaning to cause

Because when the sun shines  
He feels like an old friend 
Reaches out to him

And his soul soars 
When the wind
Blows through his leaves

He knew the man was desperate
And wanted to let him die
The way he wanted to die

Like some love affair
That can give no more
And knowing its over

The time to fight was no more
Because there was nothing to fight for,
And once again he sat in his room alone, and stared out the window.