Written by: Victor Alexander


So many things are left unsaid
So many things are left undone
So many things are left excused
The feelings I have for you; can never be left unexpressed
Am done needing many things; all I need now is your love and affection
Am so confused on how to express it; don’t want to give you the wrong impression
Right from the start; you smooth criminal stole my heart
Am so stupid for not reporting the theft; guess I don’t want the criminal found
Am strongly assured that the criminal will keep my heart safe; away from other criminals
If walls could talk; they will tell you how happy I am to be your victim.

If this isn’t love; then I need a prophet to prophecy to me what else it is
I am not even half-perfect; but am on a mission of making something else perfect
A perfect love! Brewed from the brewery of imperfection; climaxing beyond perfection
I just want to show you how much I appreciate you; my endless love
Do you even know how much I care about your heart?
Am so dedicated to you; just want to forever be with you
I can’t help the fact that am always thinking of how to make you happy
No matter how strong the wind of tribulation seems to be; I can never give you up
It’s so cold without you baby; I will forever remain at mercy of your warmth body
If walls could talk; they will tell you how desperately I want to always be with you.

If loving you is a sin; I will forever be at the depth of beyond redemption
What in the world can I not do for you? All I want is to always do you right
If am as rich as one naira; I will buy you everything one naira can buy
If I must live, then I must love; you are the one I love now that am living
When I die; I want the world to know that I lived and that I loved you
The moments we shared together is safely treasured in my mind; engraved in my heart
I have taken a deep dive into your heart; don’t care if I drown in the ocean of you love
Even if I lost my mind; I can never stand and watch you burn in any sorrowful fire
Don’t be afraid baby! I am your hero; I am here and I will always be there for you
Listen quiet closely, the walls are talking; they are saying that “I will always love you”.

Dedicated to my love Dannycurrie...
Happy birthday sweetest heart!!!
I love you baby...

										10th August, 2013.