Full Moon Float

Written by: Stephen Kilmer

Late at night
I slip into the river
I like to float with the current
Dark and scary
Never knowing where it will 
Take me.
Sometimes it pulls me under
Other time it's as gentle as a lamb
It snakes and turns
And tumbles me
Till I am exhausted
Sooner or later I am upon the shore
And I lie there and look upon the stars
Wondering why God put me here
I dig my toes in the sand
And grasp a willow root
Just to feel something real
And then I get up 
And roll a smoke
And laugh at the wind
For I am just a fool in love 
And stagger back up the road
I put my thumb out
And hitch a ride back home
Sometimes we talk 
Sometimes we don’t
But we always seem to smoke
And share a story or two or three
And tell a couple of bad jokes
I shake their hand and say goodbye
But I'll see them again
The next time I get the itch to float 
Upon a full moon.