The Singing Wine-O Bird

Written by: Jack Ellison

I looked out my window and what did I see? A pretty little bird smiling back at me I said, “Hello little friend, how are you?” “Not bad,” he said, “but I've got the flu!” Told him I've got this great remedy Although it might make some birds unsteady It should get rid of those nasty old sniffles Here's all you do, it's easy, piffle-piffle Sing that old favourite, “My Darling Clementine” Then dunk your head in a vat of red wine When you come back up, all gasping and stuff Check to make sure you stayed down long enough Still got the sniffles? Well dive down again Till the sniffles are gone and then, my friend You'll need to lie down, don't try to fly You'll run into things and get poked in the eye After a good sleep, you'll be good as new But you'll need red wine whatever you do I'm afraid you'll be known as the “Wine-O Bird!” With the prettiest voice the world's ever heard! © Jack Ellison 2013