Twice Walked

Written by: Sharon Ruebel

memories flow through me
like an open wound the blood trails
following a painful path twice walked

why is it so easy to remember the sadness
as if a welcomed choice once here repeating
the savage stabbing within ones heart

surely the goodness and comforted smiles
of a time long ago should be present and
accounted for

do we measure the good and the bad
within our lives so that we may rationalize
our own existence

perhaps we are predestined with each
of us receiving an exact amount of what
we need to survive this life

after all we do tend to justify and even
accept our misery as a payment due for
our own actions throughout life

our love it seems is simply put away within
a corner of our hearts accepting it as a wonderful
thing and we are happy with the time shared

should i consider myself as being selfish
because after all this time and all the goodness
i have been given i find myself wanting more

more happiness more love  and above all else
more of you...