The Ladder

Written by: Milton Toran

I climbed the highest ladder, 
To see what I could see; 
I saw my fellow countrymen, 
Living in poverty

I climbed up even higher, 
Embracing open skies; 
Murder, death and bloodshed, 
Appeared before my eyes

I saw a ruling power, 
The middle class shrank to poor; 
I saw wars and powerful conflicts, 
Standing at our doors

I saw hungry children, 
Here, on our native soil; 
I saw the rich grow richer, 
Thriving on the wealth of oil

I saw separate entities, 
Like thieves in the night; 
They stole away our liberty, 
To strengthen their own might

I saw those who fought in wars, 
While victory spelled defeat; 
Many were hailed as heroes, 
Now homeless on the streets

I climbed above the highest clouds, 
Beyond where eagles soar; 
Our social security famished, 
No healthcare for the poor

Drugs polluted our communities, 
While terrorists stalked their prey; 
Children hated their elders, 
Sunny skies were turned to gray

I saw an exchange in power, 
No yield in government rules; 
Technology dined on the obsolete, 
Our economy stolen by fools

I saw fewer days of promise, 
Though many years of pain; 
The poor are expendable fragments, 
Millions are dying in vain

I climbed as far as I could go, 
To the depths of the galaxy; 
I saw a new beginning, 
With Christ eternally

The poor and oppressed were equal,
While no man ruled in heaven;
I saw love beyond the ladder,
And peace among our brethren