The night

Written by: Tanja Vermaak

I walked amongst shadows
Through a solitary door into the night
Where there is nothing
Not even a bare glimmer of light
Clouds gather up high
Like my memories floating on by
With not a twinkling star in sight
Nor the full moon so bright
As my own footsteps
Echo in my ear
There is nothing inside of me
But this overwhelming, blinding fear
Where do I go?
Not even I know
Which way do I turn?
In this confusing maze of pathways
Where no one stops and no one stays
When will I ever learn?
With the sounds of the night
A night watchman takes flight
The howling wind
Like a tortured soul
That never ends
Haunting whispers of ghosts from the past
How long will this loneliness last?
When will I be strong enough to fight?
And break free of fear’s icy grip
To let it not tear me apart
Nor render me defenseless
When does the night end?
Where it leaves you outside alone and in distress
Cowering like a child against the darkness
With mercy’s hands just out of reach
And with time the dawn will come
Ushering the night into the horizon’s keep
No more will I fight the dread of sleep
Until the night once more do stir