Tigers living free

Written by: Shanity Rain

The beauty and grace as the Tiger cuddles another 
playing in the tall grass, they choose to hunt for food 
the mother,  keeps close watch on her pride.

The Tiger has earned the place ,in it's World . In the Jungle , 
however,  it is the Hunter that destroys beauty for fur , for wealth ?
What have we become on this chain of food ?

I want these Tigers to live free, without hunters in all their False Glory.
whom do these men think they are ? with what right do  they have ?  Only sharing what they believe is , a brave story .
How can you take  a beautiful animal from it's home, how can you call the wild your own .

Who are we to claim a skinned rug,  whom have we become ?
Sometimes I wonder in all arrogance of Man .
If we were on that food chain , where we would stand ?

Watching the beauty before your eyes , 
wondering in in the glimpse of an eye ,  will this one live or will this one die ? 
Only to be taken by a poacher for Glory .

As Karma exist , then these hunters will live again in a horrific story 
This time they will be the one hunted , and have cubs  they love so.
watching as the pride falls , what chance will you hold ?

You will have none for you have become one that you once hunted.
In the soul you will change places , you will be the Tiger in the tall grass
How long will you live free , how long will these precious days last ?