Dark Corners of Our Streets...

Written by: Farshid Rezaee Araghi

Moon is stretching its silvery empire
To every dark corner.
Darkness is losing the battle,
Its last strongholds are lost,
Soldiers of lunar army
Have conquered
And night is imprisoned
Behind silver bars…

I am walking alone
On this solitary path
No one to wait for
No one waiting for me

Dogs barking sound
Sends a shiver all through my spine
Heartless cars and passersby
Come and go
Ignoring the poor little boy
Who lies on the pavement,
Stretching his hands 
Hoping for the light
Of a shining coin.
Hunger is fumbling inside
His thin, weak body
To find his heart
And make it stop…

And I unable to help
Can just wonder
What will become of him?
What will become of me?
What will become of man?