The Centenarian

Written by: Joe Flach

Tomorrow marks a century I’ve been on God’s green earth
You might think my health a blessing, but I consider it a curse
I have buried all my family; seen my children meet their end
When you live for one hundred years you exist without a friend

The people who come to see me, smile and talk real loud
Just knowing a centenarian somehow makes them feel real proud
But no one takes me serious or considers me their peer
All the knowledge that I have inside cannot find a willing ear

So they stuck me in a nursing home with people thirty years my youth
Most of them missing faculties and a grasp upon the truth
They don’t know what to do with this old man in a fully functional state
They seem appalled my blood still beats red and at night I masturbate

So if a life of longevity is a thing for which you pray
You might reconsider and listen now to the words I have to say
Every funeral that you attend is one less person who knows the real you
And there is no one left to eulogize you when your life is finally through