My Dear Rachel

Written by: Cheng Chee Chong

The SUN has provided warmth 
and the SEED has been nurtured. 

Now it has grown into a stalk with lots of 
healthy green leaves;
and a FLOWER BUD awaiting to bloom and blossom. 

However, the night will come one day,
take away all the sunshine;
it'll be cold n fearsome. 
But its ok.
The MOON will be there to provide the light and guide us to a better tomorrow. 

Then, the rain will come and drain it all.
We will be drenched and shivering and lonely. 
But its ok. 
The water will provide the 
nutrients for the FLOWER BUD to bloom and blossom.

And after the rain will come the 
sunshine and rainbow and all that is good! 

~sweet-loving you~ 
~my Dear Rachel~