On Thursday, Can Take a Hike

Written by: James Horn

On Thursday, Can Take a Hike

About parts of my poem are deep in doubt
So what we should is try to work them out
Or maybe for a long time it has now been
And writing poetry should start over again.

My poems may often receive a wise crack
While others say I have a natural knack
For writing poems which you will enjoy
Which people prefer like a favorite toy.

God in each poem will always enter scene;
We will try to describe what He may mean
And if for something like this you are thirsty
Could have it a church every other Thursday.

Poems will become perfect and prestigious
And could turn into songs which are religious
About Jesus Son of God who many do say
He will return to see us again someday.

So you should not go into a state of denial
But try to think about it for a short while;
If this sounds like something you will like
To church every other Thursday can take a hike.