Written by: Michael Davis

Caught in despair.
Swinging on you.
Why should I care?
What should I do?

The moral of the story here.
I'm more relaxed.
Why can't you just listen here?
The greater, the better, the 
With a little more anguish.
I'll be teething.
I'm not the greatest,
But I'll be the last one bleeding.

Come and get as I tear through 
these gums.
Chomping you to bits.
Making me numb.
The taste of this.
May seem fun.
Stay a little longer.
I'm not finished with you yet.

Mistakes have been made by 
either you or me.
What can I say?
We've got more to achieve.
We claw out our throats.
Pluck out our eyes.
Strangle and choke.
What a surprise.
We are no good.
But that doesn't stop it.
We know we should.
We know we should drop it.