Written by: Opeyemi Oluwafemi Adebayo

As a dealer she roams,
The corners she combs.

With aid from the night-
Goods she sells right.
From the east she flows,
The west she goes.

In the light she’s poor
‘Tis not dim she’s sure.
Troubled with the coat of arm-
For her breastplate she can’t fam.		10

Voiceless when sands are active
Tamed till all is passive.

Ardoured by the evenings-
For her adventuresome,
Droopy the morning feels-
As she is worrisome.

To the day’s hate-
Her excess frost whirls.
As the night’s pet,
Atmosphere she curls.			20

Unsung hero-
That gives life,

The day’s smell she defines,
Devises her splendour.
Her cologne she patterns-
To instancing grandeur

Same is a dread villain,
Sedates night’s vitality.
Streets scourer, life-laden…
Such is her propensity			30

Still, a utility material-
Whose value is yet colossal.