Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl


As my fingers trace your silhouette
Your lips will feel my kiss
The shoulders that have held me up
I will never have to miss

The strength of you in support
The little girl has grown
Opened up to live and life
Through a love she had never known

As your love grows in me
The taste of you and the feel
Each layer you now remove
Just gives our love a new reveal

From little girl spoiled and lost
To wife and mother too
You know you have my heart my love
It forever belongs to you.

Working through the small hours
Bringing home the bread
Two small sons to feed
A place to rest your head

All those years a grafting
Boys then turn to men
Believing that was it
This was starting again

Words jumbled in your head
Pages of poems you wrote
Making sense of your life
Working and living by rote

A working life then ended
Grandfather, a new role
Doting on the new births
Even so life took its toll

A little girl was waiting
Waiting for many years
Not knowing that she was waiting
For you to catch her tears

Continents apart
Worlds so far removed
A child innocent and empty
And alone, that was proved.

Comfort takes its time
Your shoulders you gave to me
Your love did the healing
And that is in the book you see

A love so strong so vibrant
A love that keeps us apart
No continents do divide us
Just the hurting of others hearts.

© GG 14/07/2013