I'm me

Written by: jalani jenkins

I'm the bad guy but I ain't scarface
I'm the godfather but I ain't don
I'm a menace but I ain't o dog
Ima sweet guy but I'm not a dork
Me u can't live in my shoes
People talk about me 
I don't kiss ass to get my way
I don't suck up and be a front
That's why I'm hated
I don't give a **** 
And never will
I do me
I don't worry about people
Women they love me
I'm good 
And I'm bad
That's how i rather be
Being good is boring 
Being bad is fun
Life is too short 
I rather live it right
Free of cares
Away from negativity 
My writin is dangerous
I bring nothin but special delivery 
That's what people can't handle
That's what people hate u for
That's all ima tell
Lying aint me 
Being honest is me
U dont like it 
Well that's u