Those Who Come into My Life

Written by: diana jackson

Sometimes I wonder about those who come into my life  
The persons so personal, so intimate, 
those who become so close to my heart
That I feel them with me even when they are not.
I open the doors of my heart knowing full well that who I allow in may not stay.  
Yet, I cannot refuse them, pouring out of who I am, 
Sincerely and fully expressing to them, sharing with them my inward essence.  
Sometimes I wonder about myself and who I allow to come into my life
Taking a risk, risking all, risking my heart, my frailty, my vulnerability
Loving from the heart, loving deeply those who cannot love back or who are able 
to give back the love I so need.  
Yet, I cannot, not love them, cannot, not be with them.  
Hoping to open in them a new area of expression knowing they have been 
loved so dearly.