Just a someday thought

Written by: Dallas Connery

 One day you'll find this,
 but don't stress over times
 we didn't truly miss

 when childhood joy had its place on a beach
 as the little ones played
 within yet beyond our reach

 and a kiss was more than just that
 sand and sun as the girls picked,
 came running, proclaiming when they sat

 with treasures, bartered, trading, elated
 it was just a few moments in time
 but so joyfully allowed, created.

 They flew with gulls, as if they'd never fall
 with strong wings, used driftwood to play
 as pirates, built fragile castles, too tall,

 swam diving and rising gasping
 innocently carefree
 surely you recall in some grasping

 bragged over, collected shells,
 at home again, Bath for all
 washing away salt spray smells.

 finding, days later, tucked into pails
 laughter floating on those breezes,
 images etched into what is so frail.