An Elegant Editor

Written by: James Horn

An Elegant Editor

We start out with accomplishments and achievements;

When our lives are done we receive bereavements;

Then after we have finally passed away

We hope to end up in heaven one day.


Our souls first started out on earth;

God placed them in bodies at our birth

Which are there so we can survive;

Know God's in us and remain alive.


A child we became who learned to know

That eventually into an adult will grow;

Venture out and start on very own career

And love living our lives while we are here.

Receiving rewards and recognition will appreciate

While some others seem to like being late;

Maybe a great editor might end up being

Who with everyone always has to be agreeing.

After she has given out a lot of advice

And to everyone in the world has been nice;

Even though some she would like to strangle.

She's still an elegant editor and a perfect angel.

James Serious Mysterious Horn

Bolivia, NC

Land of the Endowed

So I joined the crowd.