MY nightshift

Written by: Elly Wouterse

emerging paramount darkness
all but visible tardy-paced 
offers even more than less light 
with her silver moon shining bright
the soft clattering waterfall
will never be boring at all
wavy mirror of clear water
reflects all the silvery glow

nearby  highway offers
a mumbling far away bees nest
like old wallpaper on this wall 
I'm accepting in the background 

during these endless small wee hours
embracements of tranquility 
endearing impressive  silence 
soothing  epic sounds  of this night
offer generous spacious  room 
for emerging  thoughts and feelings
and  a much clearer inward gaze
on simple and novel beliefs

time ticks in slowest second-tact
towards  arrival of daylight 
under ever-changing ceilings
adorned in heaven with some stars

my thoughts and visions detonate
I'm so aware their homelessness
is blurring leisurely intense 
while  shy light of the rising sun 
enlightens soft  a scenery 
sharing  also her warmth on my face 
with  her hugest nurturing touch
worldly white light moves me so much

© Ellie Daphne