outrun the stars

Written by: thelast don

have I indulge a dream,

so non the less as far as it seems,

so grey is the way of what,  ask but we may,

I see you soon, just in a day,

to those empty rooms of all heartache and gloom,

engage in a journey is to your doom,

I reach for the hand that turn ashes in time,

that ends the world in the drop of a dime,

all fellows that curse this phrase of my ways,

as I glance into his eyes for the end of dayz,

which take my mind to timeless gaze

still I don't believe what will be,

in time my friends you'll all agree,

what I seen beyond the stars,

is o so close when you think its so far,

enjoy this life and cherish it good,

for the story I say will crack like wood.

 for father of darkness has dropped his hood.