Girls in Pakistan

Written by: ilene bauer

In Pakistan, the Taliban,
Which flaunts an iron rule,
Thinks girls of every age belong
At home and not in school.

And females who defy their laws
Get targeted and shot,
To prove that force and power
Are the things they haven’t got.

But what they do possess, in spades,
Which keeps their spirits yearning,
Is a passion for equality
And appetite for learning.

It’s hard for me to comprehend
Why this is such a threat;
How education menaces
Is something I don’t get.

Yet bullies with their weapons
Love to ambush and attack,
Believing (falsely) that these tactics
Will hold females back.

So bravo to you fearless girls
Who’ve banded in alliance
And manage still to get to school – 
So daunting in defiance.

The world is hoping, fingers crossed,
That from the seeds you’ve planted
You’ll be allowed the education
That we take for granted.